Contemporary Circus Double.
One evening, two performances.

Sebastian Berger
»Dot & Line«

Arne Mannott & Elina Lautamäki

»DOT AND LINE« is a contemporary circus piece in a playful search of the dynamic point.

Referring to the graphic dogma of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky „A line is a dot on a walk“ the artist Sebastian Berger is examining how this two fellows dot and line are behaving in space. Using mainly object manipulation this piece transforms a fine art theory based on 2dimensional into depicting art moving in 3dimensional space. (20 min)

When everything needs to be perfect, what happens to imperfection? If nobody fails, is everything alright? The two performers are playfully looking for answers to these questions and thereby fathom out the quality of their relationship. The manipulation of objects meets dance, the absurd mingles with the poetic. »Fallhöhe« is a contemporary circus piece which experiments with influences from other art fields. (50 Minuten)

On stage > Sebastian Berger
Production > Idee: Sebastian Berger
Outside Eye: Romain Marguaritte
Mentoring: Christiane Hapt
Coaching: Georg Sosani
Stage design: Michael Liszt
Light: Andreas Zemann
Production: Kulturverein Fenfire
Supported by > 21.district of Vienna, Zirkushalle Dornbirn
Supported by > Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur

On stage > Arne Mannott, Elina Lautamäki
Production > Idee/Choreographie: Arne Mannott, Elina Lautamäki
Sound: Marleen Moharitsch • Light: Alex Wanko
Co-Choreografie, Mentoring: Nina Swoboda, Darragh McLoughlin
Artistic support: Bert Gstettner
Production: KreativKultur
Coproduction: Tanz*Hotel/Art*Act Kunstverein
Supported by > Liikelaituri – Central Finland Regional Dance Center, Katapult Berlin • Arbeitsplatz Wien
Supported by > Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur

Date: 8. Dec
Time: 17:00 & 20:00
Duration: 80 min including a break
from age 8

At the Toihaus Theatre, Franz-Josef-Str. 4


Adults: € 26,-
Children and students: € 19,-

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